Does it feel like anxiety is in control of your life? Take back your power by learning what anxiety is, where it comes from, and what tools you can use to manage it in a healthy way.

You have enough on your mind without being anxious all the time! Worried thoughts not letting you enjoy life’s moments as they happen. Missing out on fun times with friends and family because you’re just too anxious. Stop letting anxiety be in the driver’s seat of your life. If you put in the work and use the tools in this course, your anxiety will get better.

It doesn't have to be this way.

The problem: Very few women understand where their anxiety comes from let alone how to handle it. This leaves women feeling helpless, confused and even more anxious because they are anxious about being anxious!! It’s too much and I’m determined to change that!

  • Anxiety isn’t something you just have to live with.

  • Being anxious isn’t ‘just the way you are.’

  • Anxiety doesn’t have to be at the forefront of your mind constantly.

  • It’s not too late for you to learn the tools the manage your anxiety


Listen. I’ve got you. I’ve created a method of understanding and managing your anxiety that is easy to follow and easy to implement in your daily life. If you’re ready to make some big changes, this is the course for you.

The Solution

My mission is to help women understand what anxiety is, uncover the source of their anxiety and then give them the tools and skills to handle it.


How? Enter: The Axe Your Anxiety Course


This course is a self paced, elite blueprint on how to get control of your anxiety.


Our Mission

At Laidback Achievers, we’re all about helping women have access to the tools and skills they need to live their most fulfilling, authentic lives. We think life management and mental health tools should be accessible to everyone.



Emily Stevens


I’m the original Laidback Achiever. I’m ambitious AF,  however, I believe working hard and visiting Target at 2pm on a workday or taking a nap with my dogs isn’t mutually exclusive. As a licensed therapist and life coach, I believe life can be whatever you want it to be. Emphasis on what YOU want. I created this community to help other people achieve their goals while also cutting themselves some freakin’ slack. Work hard, rest hard.

This course is everything you need to manage your anxiety

Understanding. Tools. Implementation.

A self paced course that works on your time!


This course brings it all together for you.



What exactly happens inside the Axe Your Anxiety course?


Here’s a peek.



Brass Tacks Advice

We don’t like extra fluff around here. This course outlines everything in clear, concise, quick videos. We know you don’t have a lot of time so we pack a lot of information in short videos so you can get all the information you need on your own time.

Tools to Manage Anxiety

This course gives you tangible tools to use daily to manage your anxiety. Your tool box will be full after completing this course. Plus, you have forever access to the course which means you can review it over and over again.


PDF Workbook

Not only do you get video trainings, you also get a 20 page workbook designed to help you implement what you learn.









Peace of Mind

Stop waging a war with yourself and trying to tackle anxiety all alone. You don’t have to anymore. Let the Axe Your Anxiety course help! Managing your anxiety and having peace of mind is possible. Let us show you how.




Yes, you CAN manage your anxiety! All you have to do is show up and put in the work, the Axe Your Anxiety Course will handle the rest.


All you have to do is show up and put in the work. Oh, and have fun - we can’t forget the fun.


  • Self paced course so you can do this on your time
  • Clear, easy to understand video trainings
  • A 20 Page workbook to help you implement and practice what you learn
  • Bonus printable affirmation cards to help you keep anxiety in check


Here are a few answers to our most common questions

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Axe Your Anxiety



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